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CNC Lathes

BlueStar Machinery offers high quality used CNC lathes and metal lathes for use in your horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers. Lathes are a machining tool that removes material in conjunction with a machining center. The general term is lathe but, can also be referred to as a toolroom lathe, turrent lathe, etc. Metalworking lathes are designed for machining hard materials.


Metal Lathe and Machining Tools

Originally lathes were used for metals but, with the advent of plastics and other materials, lathes are now used for many different machining applications. BlueStar Machinery offers a wide selection of metal lathes, CNC lathes, and other machining tools. Please call us at 800-558-0670 for any questions or concerns about our used CNC lathes or other machining tools.



Used CNC Lathes

cnc 1999  MORI SEIKI Lathe
cnc 1998  MORI SEIKI  Lathe
cnc 1996  OKUMA  Lathe